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Google Ads Training

Google Ads training for beginner and advanced levels: comprehensive ✓ understandable ✓ practice-oriented ✓

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When is further training in Google Ads worthwhile?

Google Ads is a complex online marketing channel whose success depends heavily on the level of experience of the people operating it. In the course of our Google Ads consulting, we often find that, on average, most of the AdWords accounts we examine give away a large part of the budget they use. This is almost always due to a lack of expertise or too little time spent on adequate support. Costs are misallocated due to too wide targeting, not interpreted or missing data recording and wrong settings. In our advanced training, our participants get a sound overview of all networks, functions and professional tasks, so that they can get the best possible benefit from their account.

With the help of Klickstream’s Google Ads courses, you can:

get a detailed overview of all functionalities
Improve alignment and structure precisely
profitably optimize segments and bids
drive qualitative traffic to your offers at efficient costs
learn Google Ads knowledge and transfer it into your team

Your advantages over other trainings:

your Google Ads account is in focus
content individually tailored to your company
one price – no matter how many people participate on your side
no anonymous participation groups without practical reference
personal contact


Who are our Google Ads courses for?


For professional internal support of Google Ads.


For staff training and developing new business fields.


To expand and deepen the range of services.

Level: Beginner
Length: 1 Day

Google Ads Training Basics

This basic course is aimed at anyone who wants to receive a sound basic training in Google Ads. The seminar covers essential topics such as tracking, targeting, relevant KPIs or links to Google Analytics and the Merchant Center. In addition, you will gain insight into all advertising networks (search network, display network, shopping, YouTube, apps), the various ad formats and how a campaign structure can be derived from services and products. The core content of the Basics seminar is the structural control of your ads via keywords, placements or target group topics.

Individual dates

Unlimited number of participants



Level: Advanced
Length: 1 Day

Google Ads Training Expert

In the Google Ads Expert seminar, the focus is on data-based optimization of your account. You will learn how to improve ROAS or CPA and how to convert qualitative traffic into cost-efficient sales or leads in the future. We’ll cover the topics of conversion priority, specifics of attribution models and bidding strategies. Furthermore, you will learn how to evaluate segments and optimize shopping feeds with feed rules. With our tricks for custom columns and helpful filter settings, you’ll also get a powerful time-saving tool.

Individual dates

Unlimited number of participants



Level: All
Length: 2 Days

Google Ads Training Premium

The power package for concentrated Google Ads knowledge: The premium seminar includes not only the two workshops Basics and Expert, but also a holistic account audit that identifies all weaknesses and optimization potential. In the course of four hours of subsequent consulting, you can further develop and optimize your account under our trained eye. As a special extra, in addition to our workshop slides, you will also receive various keyword negative lists to exclude irrelevant traffic. And as the icing on the cake, you also save 20% compared to the individual workshops.

Individual dates

Unlimited number of participants



Google Ads Training Overview

Here you can see all the contents and entry levels with all their benefits explained in detail.

Google Ads Seminar Basics

For beginners
Contents: Basics & Structure
  • Tracking
  • Conversions
  • Tool linking
  • All networks
  • All important KPIs
  • Account and campaign structure
  • Bidding strategies
  • Ad formats
  • Keyword control using Match Types
  • Quality scores
  • Segments & audiences
  • Practice view into your account
  • Workshop PDF
  • Certificate of participation

Google Ads Seminar Expert

Contents: Optimizations
  • Conversion priority
  • Attribution models
  • Budget improvements
  • Bidding improvements
  • Segment optimization
  • Campaign and ad testing
  • Improvements on keyword level
  • Negatives management
  • Product feed data specification
  • Feed rules
  • Custom columns and filters
  • Practice view into your account
  • Workshop PDF
  • Certificate of participation

Google Ads Seminar Premium

Beginners & Advanced
Contents: Basics & Optimizations
  • Workshop Basics
  • Workshop Optimizations
  • Practice view into your account
  • Workshop PDF
  • Certificate of participation

  • PLUS
  • 20% off
  • Account audit
  • 4hrs additional consulting
  • Extensive negative keyword lists
Alex Rasper | Online Marketing Experte

Alex Rasper

Online Marketing Consultant

Workshop Host & Trainer

Your instructor:

Alex is your contact for all Google Ads related questions. As an independent online marketing consultant and Head of Online Marketing at Ironshark GmbH, he has managed multinational campaigns for large and small Google Ads accounts across many industries during his many years of operational experience. In addition, he wrote several professional articles on the topic of PPC marketing and gave presentations on Google Ads at Suisse Emex or SEA Camp.


What our Google Ads seminar participants say

Steffi Wulf » Lakör GmbH & Co. KG

Product » Google Ads Seminar Premium

I would recommend this comprehensive and intensive workshop to every ads beginner & pro: Alex is a patient teacher who – when necessary – relentlessly hands out homework. Full throttle knowledge for our own accounts. Practice tasks at its best. I had real fun and lots of smoking synapses.

Steffi Wulf » Lakör GmbH & Co. KG

GManaging Partner

Merlin Hannoschöck » lechner + hayn Büroeinrichtung GmbH & Co. KG

Product » Google Ads Seminar Basics

I can only recommend the course with Alex! Everything was tailored to our account and to my level of knowledge. Although I did not have much previous experience with Google Ads, Alex was able to give me a very good understanding of the whole subject. For queries, I know who I can come to.

Merlin Hannoschöck » lechner + hayn Büroeinrichtung GmbH & Co. KG

Marketing & Communications

Rolf Neuschel » Lakör GmbH & Co. KG

Product » Google Ads Seminar Basics

For me, Google Ads were uncharted operational territory. Alex introduced me to the topic with a lot of expertise, practical relevance and humor. This promoted quick optimization know-how in search, display and shopping campaigns. He is my regular contact for all professional tips.

Rolf Neuschel » Lakör GmbH & Co. KG

Content & SEO Manager


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