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What our online marketing consulting services include

The goal of Klickstream’s online marketing consulting is a strategy that increases the qualitative traffic of your website in the best possible way within your budget and thus increases the requests for your services or the sales of your online store. Our focus is on content marketing, search engine optimization, Google Ads consulting and pay-per-click marketing. In particular, we specialize in helping companies enter the German online marketing market.

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Alex Rasper | Online Marketing Experte

Alex Rasper

With over 8 years of agency experience and 5 years working as a Quality Rater with Google, I will find the right online marketing strategy for you.


Our online marketing consulting process

1. Goal discussion

The first step is an exchange with you about your company and the story behind it. This way we get a feeling for your website, your ideas, wishes and goals..

2. Get an overview of your industry

We get an overview of your industry. We examine important online competitors and familiarize ourselves with your products and services. This is followed by a comparison of the channels in which your customers move and whether these are reflected quantitatively in your previous online marketing measures.

3. Status quo analysis

The status quo analysis maps the qualitative state of all your online marketing activities and evaluates how you are performing in the respective channels so far. This includes rankings for important keywords in search engine optimization, the efficiency of your PPC channels (Google Ads or Facebook Ads) or the content analysis in your social media accounts. We specifically look for weak points, be it insufficient SEO content, unnecessarily spent costs in search engine advertising or technical deficiencies regarding the crawlability of your site.


What our clients say about us

Nina Wiegand » 4YOU Design GmbH & Co. KG & geschenke.de

Product » SEO Consulting Services

With his meticulous and structured analyses, Alex gave us very valuable SEO tips and guidelines to master our relaunch. In addition, he shows a lot of foresight beyond the end of his nose and knows how to bring together different online marketing optimization potentials.

Nina Wiegand » 4YOU Design GmbH & Co. KG & geschenke.de

Managing Partner

Steffi Wulf » Lakör GmbH & Co. KG

Product » Google Ads Workshop Premium

I would recommend this comprehensive and intensive workshop to every ads beginner & pro: Alex is a patient teacher who – when necessary – relentlessly hands out homework. Full throttle knowledge for our own accounts. Practice tasks at its best. I had real fun and lots of smoking synapses.

Steffi Wulf » Lakör GmbH & Co. KG

Managing Partner

Svenja Svejkovsky » BFI Vienna

Product » Online Marketing Strategy

Mr. Rasper meticulously examines the weak points of a website and transparently and understandably shows many visibility and growth potentials in various online marketing channels. In sum, a very valuable result in theory and practice with many insights.

Svenja Svejkovsky » BFI Vienna


4. Potential analyis

The potential analysis shows which opportunities still exist in online marketing for your products and services. To do this, we check the search volumes of various keywords, possible CPCs and the potential reach of your target group on social media platforms. Based on this information, we can make a rough calculation of the expected traffic and thus also an estimate for increasing leads and sales.

5. Online marketing strategy

Depending on your budget, we focus on the most promising channels from our potential analysis when defining the strategy. These are reflected in the online marketing fields to be invested in.

6. Derivation of recommended measures

Depending on which potential channels have been identified, we derive specific recommendations for action that lead to a direct increase in qualitative users on your website. The goal of the digital marketing measures is to increase efficiency and the profitable development of the recommended channels.

7. Results meeting

In our evaluation meeting, we go through all the relevant points of the strategy and you receive all the information from the current analysis as well as the results of the potential analysis in written (PDF) form. This will provide you with a well-founded set of instructions for all relevant online marketing measures, which are based on your target horizon. In addition, all questions regarding the strategy as well as other wishes and questions can be discussed.

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comprehensive contents
high practical relevance
content tailored to your business
sustainable knowledge transfer
one coach exclusively for your team
no anonymous participation groups
one price – no matter how many people participate on your site

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  • includes 4 hours follow-up consulting
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What makes our online marketing consulting different?

Every industry’s clientele moves differently online and there is no blueprint for one online marketing mix. An online store for antiques has a different customer journey than an online store for consumer goods. A local craft business has far fewer digital touchpoints to an order than an insurance office. Therefore, any good online marketing consultancy should address the complexity of the business in question. Where do potential customers move on the web? What are the hurdles on the company side to a purchase or an inquiry? How would the target group in your field like to be addressed?

We are firmly convinced that success with online marketing is only possible if the measures are implemented with the appropriate experience, and we clearly focus on class instead of mass. This also means that we reject work in which we do not have the required expertise.


The advantages of online marketing consulting with Klickstream

Our online marketing consulting services thrive on mutual dialog. We support you in important questions regarding revenue-critical decisions and thus bring the necessary knowledge to your company. We uncover the weaknesses in your online marketing mix and work proactively and solution-oriented in favor of your goal achievement. All our recommendations are based on a thorough evaluation of your previous data and the adoption of an objective point of view. We do not rely on subjective impressions in the course of important decisions.

  • professional knowledge exchange
  • uncovering weaknesses in the online marketing mix
  • data-based evaluations
  • independent consulting
  • proactive and solution-oriented way of working

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When do you need online marketing consulting?

Most companies that have a digital presence with their products and services inevitably come into contact with the various channels. Online marketing consultants come into play when the fields of activity in digital marketing do not unfold as you would like. This can have various causes. Insufficient expertise, lack of time and resources in the team or a missing strategy can lead to your online marketing measures falling short of expectations.


Many entrepreneurs are under the misapprehension that they have to dance at all weddings at the same time. “TikTok is on the rise right now, should we open an account there quickly?” Subsequently, there is all about Google Ads, Facebook Ads, a Twitter account, newsletter marketing, Instagram posts, regular blog posts, TikTok and seo content. But from our experience, the channels are managed with very fluctuating quality. Mostly also by only one specialist in the company. There is nothing to be said against spreading one’s offers over many channels in order to be more independent from one or the other area. Online marketing consulting offers support here in identifying the right digital sales channels and aligning the focus entirely on these.

Online marketing consulting tasks

qualitative evaluation of your marketing activities
evaluation and assessment of your relevant kpis
potential analysis
action plan and strategy development
quality check of your online agency
knowledge transfer
quality assurance



Online marketing consultancy FAQ

What does an online marketing consultant do?

Online marketing consultants advise companies with regard to a suitable online marketing strategy. They evaluate previous measures in quantitative and qualitative terms, uncover potential and ensure an influx of knowledge into the respective company. In addition, online marketing consultants take over the quality assurance of the online marketing channels implemented in-house.

What are the costs of online marketing consulting?

Depending on whether you want to get your consulting services from freelancers or agencies, the hourly fee is between 80 and 180 EUR net.


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